Protecting our eyes against everyday irritants

Over the course of an average day, our eyes must withstand countless small irritants – exposure to UV rays, the light emitted by our electronic devices, pollution, fatigue, and more. The effects of this onslaught can be particularly unpleasant; stinging, redness and blurred vision are just three examples. To prevent such discomfort, we need to take care of our eyes the same way we take care of our bodies to stay fit and healthy.


Blue light pervades our environment. We subject ourselves to it each time we use our digital devices, and it also surrounds us outdoors, as the sun is the primary source of blue light.

Certain studies have found that regular exposure to blue light over a period of years can accelerate the aging of the retina. Opto-Réseau offers eyeglass lens treatments to help protect your eyes from harmful blue light and in doing so prevent their premature aging. Don’t hesitate to ask your vision professional at Opto-Réseau for more information about this type of lens treatment.


Vitamins not only increase our energy level, they also protect the health of our vital organs. When our vision becomes blurred or we experience the sensation of our eyes being clouded by a thin film, this may be due to a lack of Vitamin C. Consider adding more citrus fruits, spinach, radishes or even parsley to your diet. We also often forget the benefits of lutein, which is found in egg yolks, corn and carrots, for example. Lutein protects us from the free radicals in ultraviolet rays. It is also effective in preventing cataracts and slowing the progression of macular degeneration.


If your eyes are dry or irritated, a thorough cleansing might be in order. Our eyes sometimes need help to remain hydrated or eliminate the pollutants that affect them. To fight dry eye, your Opto-Réseau optometrist recommends hydrating drops, the best known of these being Systane® and Refresh®, which are available at your local pharmacy. For more serious symptoms, we recommend you consult an Opto-Réseau optometrist.


With all of the demands we make on our eyes, sometimes they need a rest. At the first signs of fatigue, which often manifest themselves as a stinging sensation or blurred vision, close your eyes and relax, breathing slowly for two to three minutes. You can also use the palms of your hands to cover your eyes, but be careful not to touch them.

Your local Opto-Réseau team will be pleased to provide you with more tips and advice. Find the Opto-Réseau clinic closest to you here.