Choose Opto-Réseau because trust is invaluable

At Opto-Réseau, we see you like no other.

Our professional optometrists and opticians take the time to listen to you. They use their expertise to properly assess your needs and guide you towards the solution that's right for your vision and eye health.

With more than 80 clinics across Quebec, it's easy to experience the Opto-Réseau difference! Our satisfaction comes from building a relationship of trust with you.

This close relationship with your eye care professional sets de winning conditions to optimize your visual performance in any situation.

Opto-Réseau is proud to be a Quebec optical bramd where the owner is often there with their team members to welcome you and take care of your eyes.

We look forward to seeing you at Opto-Réseau soon!


Dr. Alain Côté, o.d.
President Opto-Réseau

By having your eye exam and purchasing your eyeglasses or contact lenses at the same clinic you benefit from our full professional service.