Social Responsibility

Opto-Réseau believes in giving back to the community

A proud Entreprise Enfant Soleil

We at Opto-Réseau had always known that Opération Enfant Soleil was a worthwhile cause. But after partnering with the non profit organization to sell tickets for the 2019 Maison Enfant Soleil signée Bonneville, we were hooked. We wanted to do more! 

In 2020 we joined the Entreprise Enfant Soleil program to strengthen our ties with an organization that truly changes lives. That makes us the first eyewear company in Quebec to receive the Entreprise Enfant Soleil certification, which happens to be the first-ever philanthropic certification for Quebec businesses.

What is Entreprise Enfant Soleil certification?

The Entreprise Enfant Soleil program is a philanthropic certification that allows socially engaged businesses like Opto-Réseau to proudly show their commitment to and financial support for sick children and their families. To earn the certification, businesses make a corporate donation to Opération Enfant Soleil and agree to put on various fundraising initiatives to support the cause.

To give to Opération Enfant Soleil and support hundreds of Quebec’s sick kids as well their parents, go to our online donation page.

Backing new eye care professionals

It’s a tradition! We’re there every year at the Université de Montréal School of Optometry’s annual back-to-school BBQ to meet the new students in a casual, festive setting.

There are always plenty of students, professors, and staff members on hand, and we’re happy to be a part of it all through Opto-Réseau’s partnership with the School of Optometry. There’s nothing like a barbecue to get everyone together so they can meet, welcome new students, and start off the academic year with bang.

Opto-Réseau is proud to support the School of Optometry and be there for the future of eye care!

Optometrists and opticians who make a difference

There’s never a shortage of Opto-Réseau optometrists getting involved in their communities and around the world.

Going to bat for school success

Many Quebec optometrists under the Opto-Réseau banner volunteer with “À l’école de la vue”, an Eye Disease Foundation program that offers in school screenings for vision problems.

The program brings eye exams to hundreds of children age 3 to 5 throughout the province, just as they’re beginning their formal education. That way, any vision problems that might interfere with their ability to learn can be identified and dealt with, and every child is set up to succeed!

An optician making a difference in Quebec’s North

Shawn Donnelly, an optician and the co-owner of Opto-Réseau Donnelly Optical in Pointe-Claire, has created a mobile optometry clinic so he can care for people living in Nunavik. In the last five years he’s visited 14 villages along Hudson Bay and Ungava Bay.

During each two week trip, Donnelly travels with an optometrist to two or three different villages in order to treat as many people as possible. He brings with him a vast selection of frames and makes sure each patient gets a pair of glasses that effectively corrects their vision problem. The mobile clinic operates in partnership with the Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre, which arranges travel and accommodation for the team and makes sure all the necessary equipment is there waiting for them when they arrive.

For Donnelly, each trip presents new challenges, both professionally and personally, since it involves adapting to a different culture and lifestyle. Public services are harder to come by, there aren’t a lot of roads, and the climate is extremely harsh. But he says there’s a strong sense of community and mutual support among villagers and that he always feels very welcome.

Opto-Réseau is proud to have vision professionals like Shawn Donnelly on the team. Congratulations for an outstanding initiative!

Six months in Mali

Carole Melançon, an optometrist and the owner of Opto-Réseau Centre Visuel de Mont Saint-Hilaire, spent six months on a humanitarian mission in the small city of Bamako, in Mali. It took her four years to prepare the trip.

Dr. Melançon went to Mali with three specific goals: publish the results of four studies so that the African Institute of Tropical Ophthalmology (AITO) could regain its status as a research school, teach two courses (an optometry lab and a course on binocular vision), and supply the institute with optometry equipment for its exam rooms. She brought 800 kg of material with her on the plane, including exam chairs , a phoropter, and field of view cameras.

Dr. Melançon would like to see AITO continue to offer the program and will be supporting the institution by creating distance education modules. AITO’s optometry program is now recognized by Mali’s Ministry of Education. The country’s standard for optometry training is based on the Québec model.

Opto-Réseau is proud to have health professionals like Carole Melançon on the team and congratulates her for her humanitarian work, her courage, and her immense generosity.

Giving Sight’s optometry team reported on the development of optometry in West Africa during Carole Melançon’s last trip to Mali.

To see more, go to

Mission to Haïti

In October 2009, Marie-Carole Bégin, optometrist and owner of Centre vision Bégin in Saint-Georges, travelled to Labrousse, a small mountain town in Haiti. She was part of a humanitarian group that usually organizes two missions a year to help people in underprivileged regions. On that mission to Haiti, a team of optometrists, opticians, ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, and nurses treated 3,000 patients of all ages in need of vision care or surgery.

What a great initiative!